Will this country’s obsession with things that are related to or somehow connected to “sticks” ever end? Maybe. But for now, it seems like there are plenty of stuff that are so much better when they are “on-a-stick” — or so it seems. PLDT today announced a breakthrough partnership that involves top entertainment corporations in the U.S. as well as home computing desktop Microsoft, in a move to launch a new gadget that’s intended to turn any TV into a personal computer. Dubbed the PLDT TVolution Stick, it’s a variation of the Intel Compute Stick that was first announced locally a few months back, and joins the first OTT (over-the-top) device from PLDT HOME which was aimed at raising the bar in terms of both home entertainment and home computing. According to PLDT VP and HOME Marketing Director Gary Dujali, the aforementioned Intel Compute Stick launch was the signal needed…

After Skype, now Microsoft nought Nokia. Now is it going to be “Microsoft: Connecting People”? A lot of people are surprised after the announcement that Microsoft has acquired Nokia. There are a lot of people in the past year saying what if the Software giant acquires the pioneer in the mobile phone innovation. That “what if” has now turn into reality. Microsoft just bought Nokia’s devices and services unit. The Lumia will surely have a new face and be the top priority for the Windows Phone software. Among the Nokia devices, it is the Lumia line which is using Windows Mobile software. It is rumored that the low-end Asha product line will be up for the Windows phone ramp. According to The Verge, Nokia’s plan is to focus on three core technologies: NSN (its network infrastructure) HERE (its maps and location-based services); and Advanced Technologies (a licensing and development arm). Microsoft will…

Be sure that your computer is protected from Conficker (also known as Downup, Downadup and Kido). Here are the collections of Conficker virus removal applications by Microsoft, F-Secure and Symantec. Click the Links below to download: 1. Microsoft 2. F-Secure 3. Symantec I suggest that you research first before using the virus removal applications since it’s also possible that your computer has a different virus.

Triple Booting Guide [for Pinoys]
Windows XP (installed first), Tiger OSX and Leopard OSX

Alright, so your laptop is packed with 160 GB hard disk you bought from CD-R King but you want to add some flavor in it?

Today, I thought of giving you an easy guide in putting 2 or 3 Operating Systems in your laptop. Very easy indeed especially if you’re going to install to a very compatible laptop. Para ka lang nagbabalat ng lutong balat ng manok na nabibili sa Andok’s! (Andok, or whoever owns Andok’s – if you’re reading this blog, I need money so click some of my Adsenses.) Now I’m starting to get hungry.

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