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Yakuza 7, or now known as Yakuza: Like a Dragon, had some very good news for fans of the series during TGS2019. First off, check out the announcement trailer below: Along with the trailer, during the Sega livestream, 9 minutes of gameplay was also revealed to the delight of the press and Yakuza fans alike. The gameplay video can be seen below, coming from NMIA Gaming. We wouldn’t think we’d be saying this but it sure looks like Yakuza with RPG elements make a good pair together. Agree? Are you looking forward to this game when it releases? Let us know in the comments below! Our Tokyo Game Show coverage is brought to you by our preferred network PLDT Home for fixed line connection at home and Smart Communications.

What was once a seemingly harmless April Fool’s joke (we’ll get to this later) is now a reality. Yakuza 7, the first Yakuza game post-Kiryu, is real and has finally been revealed. Check out the trailer below: This time around, Yakuza 7 takes place in Yokohama and features a new protagonist named Ichiban Kasuga. That’s not the only thing that’s new, as the once action based combat system has now been replaced with some sort of turn based RPG battle system! We don’t quite know how to feel about this but for what it’s worth, the Yakuza series has never failed us and we’re hoping this turns out to be the same. Oh, and about that April’s Fools joke I was talking about? Check out this video from way back… The tables have turned, we are the fools! Yakuza 7 is looking at a January 2020 release date in…