zenfone 5z price philippines


Zenfone 5z’s retail box is similar to what we’ve seen from Zenfone 5.  Pun aside, it’s full of zen; and it tries to be as simple as it can be. Information about the device can be read at the back, and it’s up to you if you want to spend some time reading some tech jargons that most people don’t care about. Upon opening the box you will find yet another smaller box, which contains a SIM ejector tool that you will likely lose, manual that you might not read and a silicon case you might not use because you want to flaunt the all-new design of the Zenfone 5z. You will later realize that you definitely need it when your phone gets its first major ding. Moving on to the inner box, which – obviously I’m having a difficult time opening, you will find a few more items: there…