zenfone max m2


ASUS continues to strengthen its ZenFone Max lineup, and has decided to kick off 2019 with the launch of the ZenFone Max M2, a more affordable option for those who want a capable phone without putting a big hole in their wallets. Design Upfront, the ZenFone Max M2 is basically a smaller version of the Pro, thanks to its notched display. The screen suffers from a downgrade to HD+ resolution, in favor of better battery life. Still, text appears sharp enough, and icons don’t appear pixelated from a normal viewing distance. As usual, ASUS once again proves that an affordable device can still look and feel premium. Such as the case with this one. The back panel sports a more traditional matte finish, which compliments the rest of the design elements. The phone doesn’t feel flimsy, and can easily be used with one hand due to a more compact form…