One year after the first Android “invasion”, Cherry Mobile once again unleashed its fury and launched amazing new batch of Android-powered gadgets.


This year, they did not just launch one, not two, but seven new gadgets: Candy and Candy Chat, the cheapest androids of them all; Stellar, the budget 800Mhz with capacitive display phone; Magnum 2x, their very first dual-core phone; Cherry Pad and Cherry Pad Turbo, their ultra affordable tablets running on Android Froyo and Gingerbread respectively; and Supreme, their most celebrated dual-core 10.1 tablet running on Android Honeycomb (when it becomes officially available).

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Magnum 2x, Pew -pew!

magnum 2x

Among the 4 Android phones launched, the Magnum 2x packs the most noteworthy specifications. It is endowed with the world’s first mobile super chip, the Nvidia Tegra 2. Clocking at 1Ghz per core, the Dual-Core ARM Cortex A9 (Tegra 2’s CPU), is ready to get pounded with applications running simultaneously in the background. It’s GPU is ready to display gorgeous pictures and show awesome videos. It’s the Philippines’ first dual-core phone, worthy to be called, Super-Pinoy-Android-Phone-Na-Cheap.

But, is it really cheap?

Magnum 2x is priced at PhP15,899. It is really cheap compared to the LG Optimus 2x (PhP18,000 to PhP23,999) and Motorola Atrix 4G (PhP18,500 to PhP22,999+), which sport similar processor. With this phone, you get to enjoy all the games you want (not just Angry Birds) and all the applications you wish to run without worrying about sluggish performance. Honestly, we can’t wait to test this out so we can give you further hands-on review.

Stellar, the Star for All Seasons

Cherry Mobile Stellar (middle)

Powered by Qualcomm 7227T 800 MHz processor, sports a 3.5” HVGA Capacitive Touch Panel and running on Android Gingerbread, the Cherry Mobile Stellar is most the fairly priced Android device Cherry Mobile released this year. You won’t feel shortchanged when you buy this phone. It has 5.0 MP camera, Wi-Fi and GPS; it can even function as your portable hotspot (ala MyFi, Pocket Wifi).

Cherry Pad and Cherry Pad Turbo, Your Tablets at Your Price

With Cherry Mobile’s first batch of Tablets, Cherry Pad and Cherry Pad Turbo, flicking birds has never been this cheap but fun.

Priced at PhP3,899, the Cherry Pad is like Stellar’s Tablet brother. It also has 800 MHz processor but with a larger screen (7″) and no phone functions.

cherry pad

Meanwhile, Cherry Pad Turbo is, as the name suggests, faster by 400Mhz more compared to the Cherry Pad. It has 1.2 Ghz processor and with a more upgraded version of Android (2.3). We did not get a word from Cherry Mobile though if this could be upgraded to Honeycomb. It’s priced at PhP6,899.

Both tablets have 7” Full Touch Screen, Wi-Fi Connectivity, 4GB internal storage and expandable micro SD card up to 32 GB.

Supreme, Move Over Galaxy Tab

Cherry Mobile Supreme

The Cherry Mobile Supreme is Cherry Mobile’s arsenal to combat Samsung Galaxy 10.1. Both are endowed with almost similar specs and for those with limited budget, there is only but one choice – Supreme. Check out the specs comparison below:

Cherry Mobile Supreme vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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