Today, we’ll be doing a series of brief comparisons to see which of two budget smartphones can give you better value for money. We have the Huawei Y6 2018, and the newly launched Realme C1. Huawei Y6 2018 A textbook budget smartphone, the Y6 2018 offers what you’d typically find in a device at its category. HD+ display, quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and a single-lens rear camera. All that comes at an attractive price tag of just PhP5,990. Realme C1 New to the Philippine market, Realme’s debut smartphone holds a bit of promise (at least on paper), trying to give you more for what you pay. Specs are pretty much almost the same with the Y6, except that it uses a more capable processor, two cameras at the back, and a larger battery. It’s also priced at PhP5,990. Specifications Design and Build Quality While the feel and look of…

OPPO F9 trumps over Huawei Nova 3i in Gaming Performance

I can almost declare that this year is the toughest for us, tech bloggers and vloggers. Toughest in terms of recommending the best gadgets for our viewers and consumers, and toughest when it comes to even try to understand how brands price their products. The mid-range category is the hottest among consumer price ranges this

Plextor M8V SSD Review: Your SSD Budget Match

Not too long ago, we got the chance to review Transcend SSD220s. It's decently priced, and the performance is just as expected from a storage device of its class. This time, let's all focus our attention on this budget-oriented SSD from Plextor, the Plextor M8V SSD. It boasts a relatively decent sequential write speed up to