Due to insistent public demand, we would like to share sample camera shots and video taken from the Cherry Mobile Flare.

First, this video was taken with the Flare’s 5 megapixel camera. You’ll notice in the video that the autofocus of the camera did its job pretty well. Not bad for a video recorder, right?


Next, the panoramic shot. Amazingly, the Cherry Mobile Flare has a panorama feature on its camera. Pretty cool for a less than 4-thousand-peso phone. Here is the sample picture.

Next, let us see the ability of the camera when it comes to shooting low-lighted and well-lighted subject.

As you can see, the shot without flash look less appealing while the shot with flash reveals the true color of the subject.

Finally, here is a sample picture when it comes to scenery view. Like the Cherry Mobile Titan, the white haze is quite evident and it is minimally blocking the true color of the picture.

There you go guys, that will sum up the sample camera shots from the Cherry Mobile Flare.

My verdict: Very good for a camera phone. For me, it is quite a bonus for the users to have a great camera phone with so much amazing features. Not bad Cherry Mobile!

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