We’ve got many reasons to believe that ASUS Republic of Gamers has been teasing us with the upcoming successor to ASUS ROG GX501, the ROG GX502. Take everything with a grain of salt, but as someone who has been using the Zephyrus for more than 6 months now, my guts tell me that this is Zephyrus II or something related to it.

Let’s all take at the video again.

Obviously, the video above teases a new product, which could finally be unveiled at Computex 2018 this June 2018. A credible source told us that the product name and design will be announced later today at 10PM (March 26, 2018).


Note that Zephyrus was launched last May 2017 during Computex 2017. It was unveiled by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Juang and ASUS CEO Jerry Shen as the 1st laptop, which sports a Max-Q design. You can check out our full coverage of Zephyrus on this link.

Let’s talk about details then.

First screenshot below does not specifically say anything. “Bursts of energy” could mean new processor or GPU that powers the new laptop, or simply just an animation that intends to hype its viewer.

GX502 1

This clip makes it obvious for us to believe that they are teasing a laptop, and not anything else. Can you see how thin this thing is, and how it truly resembles ASUS’ first laptop with Max-Q design

GX502 2

Here’s the supposed redesigned Sleep/Power button of the new laptop.  The hexagonal button now has a minimalist LED strip compared to the previous model. You can click this if you want to see the power button of the 1st Zephyrus.

GX502 3

Now, this confused me a little bit. The design of the supposed new laptop has uncanny similarity with 1st Zephyrus.  This particular clip made us thought that this could just be a refreshed version.

GX502 4

This scene always brings me back to my first speculation that this is the new Zephyrus. I had little complaint with the 1st Max-Q design. I found the top-load portion which houses all the system’s hardware too wide, and the keyboard felt a little cramped.  The new design, which we suppose as the new Max-Q design has a narrow profile.GX502 5

The screenshot below ends the discussion that we’re talking about either a refreshed Zephyrus or the new Zephyrus. Squint, and you’ll see.

GX502 6

In the current Zephyrus, when you pull the screen up, the lower magnesium panel opens up to assist the airflow, which eventually cools down the laptop without making too much noise. It’s a genius design, but definitely not flawless by our standards:

  • The bottom panel exposes the device’s bottom fans
  • The panel felt like it may snap out
  • Carrying it while the screen is up is quite difficult as the base felt a little hollow

This is the same case in the screenshot below. I really hope that the LED  is AURA lighting compatible this time.

GX502 8And there you have it, guys! Tell us your thoughts about our guesses about ASUS ROG’s latest laptop teaser. Tell us your thoughts by putting it on the comments section below. Again, take everything with a grain of salt.  We will definitely update you guys once we got new details. One thing’s for sure – Computex 2018 will be, once again, extra special and exciting with announcements like this.

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