Control is one game on our list of top games releasing this August, on the 27th to be more specific. It comes out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and based on recent coverage, it’s looking to be a hell of a good time! Before we dive into the game, here are some things to know about the game to hype you up:

things to know about control, Some things to know about Remedy Entertainment’s latest action adventure, Control, Gadget Pilipinas, Gadget PilipinasControl is being developed by Remedy Entertainment, which is known for titles like Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Quantum Break. If you’re a fan of their previous work, then you can at least know what to expect from Control, but with a few surprises. A common theme among these games is that they are 3rd person action shooters with unique twists – Max Payne’s bullet time mechanic and Alan Wake’s use of flashlights in conjunction with the standard firearms. The stories in their later games also have this otherworldly feel which is evident in Alan Wake and Quantum Break, with the usual helping of suspense and mystery. This is the same feeling Control has and you can be sure Remedy has a few tricks up its sleeve.


The game centers around Jesse Faden who, through mysterious circumstances, becomes the new Director of the Federal Bureau of Control or FBC and now has to take back control of the Oldest House, the Bureau’s headquarters which was taken over by a mysterious enemy known only as the Hiss. The Oldest House itself houses its own mysteries and Jesse herself has personal reasons to enter this otherworldly place. It’s not the most complicated of plots but we can’t wait to uncover all the in-betweens the game has to offer!


The Oldest House is an unsettling place. The Hiss has possessed some of the Bureau’s agents turning them into mindless killing machines and who knows what other forms they will come at you with. The place itself defies all laws of physics, with its different sections taking on creepy appearances. It’ll be a tough call to bring order back to a place that has no order, so you
can expect non-linear exploration as you venture into the Oldest House, and possibly meet and save surviving Bureau agents.


Fighting the Hiss will require extraordinary means and Control has you covered. Being suddenly promoted to Director of the Federal Bureau of Control has its perks and one of these is supernatural powers. Jesse will be able to use levitation, telekinesis, and even mind control to fight the Hiss. For something more “physical”, Jesse has access to the Service Weapon. This unusual looking firearm is able to take different forms like a shotgun to dish out the pain along with skills that can be upgraded as you go, presenting a level of customization that caters to any playstyle.

A Remedy Reunion

Fans of previous games from Remedy will be happy to know that Control will be a reunion of sorts. Leading the cast as Jesse Faden will be Courtney Hope, who fans will recognize as Beth Wilder in Quantum Break. An even better treat is Max Payne and Alan Wake themselves are here in Control. Playing the former FBC Director Zachariah Trench is Max Payne himself, James McCaffrey, and on the other hand Matthew Poretta, who played Alan Wake, is Dr. Casper Darling, one of the Supporting Characters in the game.

Excited about the game? We are and we’ll definitely be picking this up as a day one purchase!

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