A security firm, Check Point, has found serious exploits in Qualcomm chips, which are used by around 40% of Android users around the globe. They’ve named it “Achilles.”

The firm found more than 400 lines of code vulnerabilities in the digital signal processors of Qualcomm’s chipsets. Though details have been kept a secret for the sake of keeping risk at a minimum.

These vulnerabilities can allow hackers to steal data, record calls, install malicious software that can’t be uninstalled, and even brick the device.


In response, Qualcomm has already started updating the low-level code and drivers. It should make it available to vendors soon who will push updates fixing the actual devices.

Worry not though, as long as you download apps from trusted sources like the Google Play store, it should be safe. In addition, analysts say it’s unlikely that anyone has ever used those exploits and that they don’t have any records of anyone who’ve already done so.

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