Sony’s latest company digital camera – Sony ZV-1 has finally arrived in the Philippines. The camera was announced in late May with quite impressive features for casual filming.

Among these features include the ability to transfer and edit images via the Edge Mobile App which comes in handy for posting on social media platforms.

It also has Eye Auto-Focus that detects the subject’s eyes to establish focus and holds it as the camera and subject move as you shoot. The Sony ZV-1 also has a one-push bokeh effect that doesn’t require complex manual adjustments.


The camera has a directional three-capsule mic that gathers clear sound from in front the camera that helps in recording audio even in a crowded place. In addition, it has a mic jack and MI shoe for more flexibility in microphone options.

Assisting in taking selfies and vlogs is a side-opening Vari-angle LCD screen. This is all in a compact camera at 294g and at 105.5mm x 60mm x 43.5mm.


The Sony ZV-1 is available for PHP 42,999 and can be availed with a shooting grip and SD card for PHP 45,999. For more on the camera, click here.

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