In an interesting turn of events, Tattoo included 2 affordable Android tablets from Skyworth, the S7 and S8. These two tablets are now part of Tattoo’s present tablet line-up composed of the iPad with Retina Display, the iPad mini and the Huawei Mediapad. Dong Ronquillo, Head of Tattoo Nomadic Broadband Business, said: “Tablets are becoming more popular and are foreseen to surpass computers in the future. The cost of laptops, PC desktops and some smartphones are still prohibitive to others.  With affordable tablets such as the Skyworth S7 and S8, more users like yuppies and students now have cheaper and more convenient options to access the Internet as provided by these innovative Tattoo bundle offers.” Both tablets from Skyworth run on Android 4.1 Jellybean OS are powered by 1GB RAM and Cortex Processors. The S7, being the lower variant, is packed with a single-core 1Ghz  ARM A8 processor; while the S8 has…

There are lots of styli (or styluses) in the market for your tablet. Some come in cheap or expensive variants. Of course, I am not referring to the styli tips made of plastic (also known as resistive stylus), which your fathers may have probably used on their palm pilots. Since most devices today use capacitive touchscreens, styli tips are now made of rubber, which tricks the screen into thinking the stylus is your finger.

Last night, I told my wife that it would be ideal that Steve Jobs would make the announcement of the iPad 3 in March and iPhone 5 in June 2012 to create and post significant mark to the total view and value of Apple, unless he dies before the year ends. And then, the unfortunate event happened this morning – Steve Jobs died. What would the world do without him? Read on.

The latest build of the one of the most popular apps for the iOS, Facebook, carries its iPad version. Not formally announced yet, jailbreakers managed to tweak some codes using apps from Cydia to reveal the unannounced version in its full glory. I tried doing it myself and below are some snapshots: LOGIN VIEW FACEBOOK WALL A PEEK ON NOTIFICATION THE DASHBOARD GROUP PAGE SEARCH ALBUMS CHAT LOGIN FOR MULTIPLE USER The iPad version of the app isn’t officially released but downloading FaceForward via Cydia will easily activate the hidden iPad version of the latest build.

33% thinner and 15% lighter – no we’re not referring to Steve Jobs – the iPad 2, in its slightly redesigned look indeed boasts a thinner and lighter build. It is thinner that the iPhone 4 and really looks better that its predecessor. Steve Jobs, announces the sequel to last year’s machine that defined the tablet computer category – the iPad 2.

After 2 months of using Apple’s most significant device since the iPhone, the Apple iPad, I can attest without a doubt that it has really set a new standard in mobile productivity and entertainment. It’s a true-blue game changer, which just recently – although not entirely because of it – “buried” its main competitor products – the Microsoft Courier and HP Slate.

After a month of absence, I’m back with fangs and loads of news and tips to share! First off, the debut of the iPhone 4. It was stunning especially with its (highly debatable) retina display, Face Time video chat and increased battery life. This is, by far, the best device ever announced after the iPad this year. Yup, call me Apple-fan-junkie but I’m just really amazed with Apple’s way of introducing their product. Just recently, Microsoft announce several products too – Microsoft Kin One and Two, the new Xbox 360 250gb Slim, and Microsoft Kinect (the rebranded name of Project Natal). Microsoft Kin Series phones are Microsoft’s way of connecting to the B and C market by capturing their mindset in the phones’ integrated Facebook and Twitter applications. The announcement of the new Xbox 360 250gb Slim in the recent E3 was also a big thing! Its slimmer (duh!) and…